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Monday, May 14, 2018

Sometimes you need to get away from home, without really leaving home. 

Enter: The Staycation.

Eric and I were so excited to take a break from our normal routine with the kids, and have a short stay at the Journeyman Hotel in historic Third Ward Milwaukee.

There's nothing I love more than beautifully styled interiors, and our suite couldn't have felt less hotel-like. It was amazing! I took some picture of my favorites to share below, but the interiors weren't the only thing that we loved about our stay!

We walked in the room to two huge bowls of popcorn (among other things) for the kids! I think Saydee's face says it all!

I've been dying to get my hands on some Flowers for Dreams blooms, so I was SO excited when these were waiting in Eric and I's room! This amazing company donates proceeds of each bouquet to a local charity. If you're in the Milwaukee or Chicago area, check them out!

My favorite part of the stay was the charcuterie board and picnic they had waiting for us when we arrived! It was the cutest (and most delicious) picnic ever! Seriously, it was in the most adorable picnic basket, with a backpack filled with drinks, a blanket and utensils! So cute!

We walked to a small park nearby, ate our cute lunch, and the kids played and ran around. Such a sweet afternoon!

Okay, now onto the design. A.MAZ.ING. Seriously, every detail was beautiful! From the rugs, to the curtains, to the floors, everything was styled to perfection. I got so many ideas for our house, I can't wait to implement some of them one we get home!

I think the master bedroom was my favorite room. The textures in this room were amazing! It was full of neutrals *swoon* and felt so warm and inviting.

For dinner, Eric and I had a date night at their downstairs restaurant Tre Rivali, and it was AMAZING. You all know how much I love dessert, but I was so full from devouring every last bit of appetizers and my entree that I couldn't even think about it. I'm thinking we'll have to go back just so I can get some sweets ;)

HUGE thanks to everyone at the The Journeyman for making our stay so memorable! The kids are still talking about the "fun hotel" and keep asking if we can go back. Every last detail was perfect.

I could yell this from the rooftops, but this is my only option so...

If you're coming to Milwaukee to watch some baseball (or live here and need a fun break) YOU HAVE TO STAY AT THE JOURNEYMAN!!!! 

Check out their website and book your stay ----> HERE

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  1. I have a huge man-crush on your husband. I just love the guy. Super humble. He even won the game for Milwaukee last night after battling his way back to the big club. I'm so glad he has this kind of beautiful family... it's all well-deserved. God bless.

  2. I have to share this funny thing- my husband is a doppleganer of your husband! Similar facial hair and glasses and he is also a lefty, nerdy, same height and same age! We are in Milwaukee so we have had fun watching the Brewer's and friends and family all joke and say my husband is up to bat! We will be buying a Sogard shirt for him soon :)

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