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Saturday, August 11, 2018

ALRIGHT. Baby Sogard #3 is on the way! While I definitely feel a little overwhelmed with the changes we're about to experience, I've done the baby phase twice now, and feel pretty confident that I know what worked and didn't work for us. We are a traveling baseball family, and with that comes the absolute need to make things as easy as possible.

I am baby product obsessed, and am always getting asked by my pregnant friends what they need to register for. This list has been modified a few times, and I'm quite certain it's pretty darn complete. So, without further ado, here are my absolute must-have baby registry items, along with my favorites for each category!
  • Stroller - Uppababy VistaBob-JoggingDoona Convertible Infant (this one I have not used yet, but I have one waiting for Baby #3 and cannot wait to use it!)
  • Carseat + extra base, to put in another car - Uppababy MesaDoonaDiono
  • Bassinet or some sort of in-room sleeper - We used the Uppababy basinet because it came with our stroller that I LOVE
  • Travel crib + extra sheet(s) - Baby Bjorn, I have also heard amazing things about the Lotus
  • High Chair - we used a few different ones, but my favorite was the $20 Ikea one…easiest to clean, super simple and light, nothing fancy!

  • DockATot - I have only used the Grande size when mine were a little older, but I have a Deluxe waiting for baby and CANNOT wait to use it!
  • Carrier - My absolute favorite ever is the Ergobaby Stowaway. They're no longer made, but you can often find them on eBay, or other small online retailers. If you travel, this one is an absolute must! I also have an Ergobaby 360 waiting for the new baby
  • Owlet - This was a game-changer when it came to my peace of mind with Knix. It's amazing. Buy one HERE
  • Wrap - I always use a wrap when they’re tiny. I love both my Solly Baby and Happy Baby
  • Feeding/Diaper timer/tracker - A friend suggested I add this to the list, and I'm so glad she did because I totally forgot how much of a lifesaver this was for us when we first had Saydee! LOVED THIS ITZBEEN! Trust me on this one.
  • Monitor - We use the Arlo baby camera and it's been great for us
  • Breast Pump - Medela but I've heard great things about the Spectra in a lot of my "mom" FB groups
  • Diaper bag - I loved my Fawn Design but I wanted to try something with a little more structure, so I'll be trying the Freshly Picked diaper bag this time too!
  • Bouncer/Swing to be able to move from room to room -  I used the Snuggapuppy
  • Play mat - So many choices here, and I don't think you can go wrong! Knix loved THIS one
  • Boppy (+ 1 extra cover) - this is an absolute cannot live without!
  • Bumbo
  • Humidifier.- Again, can't really go wrong here...we used THIS
  • Nursing cover - I loved my Covered Goods and will also be using THIS adorable buffalo check one from Bebe Au Lait
  • Extra crib sheets
  • Swaddles - Ollie (I used the very first version of this with Knix, and loved it, but I'm super excited to try the newest version! Hopefully this baby will sleep like a. champ!), Clementine KidsLittle UnicornAden & Anais BambooBebe Au Lait
  • Light blankets -  Little UnicornBebe Au LaitKickee Pants
  • Hooded towels - Bebe Au LaitJune & January
  • Burp cloths & bibs - My favorite are the Aden & Anais burpy bibs! Register for more than you think you need, because you will need more than you think you need.
  • Changing pad + covers - We used THIS one
  • Small baby toiletry items - Nose Frida, nail clippers, basic medicines, thermometer, diaper cream…
  • Bath toys - foam letters, cups…don’t bother with a bath thermometer of any sort, you won’t use it or need it. Do you have a hand? Stick it in the water. It will magically tell you how warm the water is!
  • Bottles + extra nipples - we used MEDELA because they connected right to my pump + extra nipples
  • Bottle brush
  • Bottle drying rack - THIS
  • Breast Pump parts sanitizer bags - I previously used the Medela Pump in Style, but I was able to get a Spectra through my insurance that I will be trying this time around! **More info on the easiest way to get it through your insurance, to come!** If you are using bottles at all or pumping, you MUST have these Medela Sanitizing Bags
  • Nursing pads- Your boobs will leak all over the place. You will need lots of THESE
  • Nipple cream - Yep, another must-have for your raw, tender nipples. Sorry not sorry. THIS
  • Pacifiers - This can be so subjective depending on your baby, but Saydee loved her Wubbanub and it was great for not getting lost
  • Sippy cups/dishware/silverware - I didn't put these on my registry, since it would be a while before we’d get to use them and I don’t like storing extra crap, but you can always throw them on there! We love anything and everything Re-Play
  • Mommy Hook - MUST!
  • ZIPPER pajamas - I cannot stress this enough. ZIP. PERS. You don't want to be up in the middle of the night dealing with a million buttons while baby is thrashing around like a while gorilla. I love Kickee Pants and the Sleep N' Play ones from Target
  • Tubby Todd bath products - Safe, effective etc etc. Love their stuff.
  • Gathre mats - high chair, mini, any of the sizes really…they’re good for everything for all ages!
  • You’ll get tons of clothes, so I wouldn’t worry too much about registering for things other than pajamas and maybe a few other things. It's sometimes a good idea to give your parents/their friends suggestions on what you want…old people don’t know how to shop for babies!
  • I did all of my nursery stuff on my own, but if you know what you want you could always put that stuff on there (rocker/glider, dresser, crib etc)

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