rainy day play - with London littles

Monday, January 22, 2018

Real Life: I thought I posted this blog over a month ago, but apparently it was sitting, crying real tears as a draft all this time.

This year for Thanksgiving our family spent time with Eric's side of the family on an amazing trip to Cape Cod! We rented a huge house, and all 20+ of us spent a few amazing days enjoying each others' company, and the beautiful, cold weather. I say "beautiful" because it was an average of 87 degrees here in Phoenix the week we left. Ew.

The day we got to the house it was raining, and there's seriously nothing my kids love more than getting dirty and wet. I had barely gone upstairs to pick our bedroom, before the kids were out in the puddles jumping around. Of course I ran inside to grab my camera, and the rest was history.

I couldn't have enjoyed watching them more. There's nothing like letting your kids be kids, and watching them find so much joy in the little things.


Their adorable boots are from London Littles! I love the prints, and they're so sturdy, but not too heavy for little feet :) So cute! Head over to their website, they're the perfect Valentine's Day gift!!

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