Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Red lipstick. Yummm. I love it. I love it with jeans and a t-shirt while running errands, and I love it with an LBD out on a hot date with my hubs. Why do I love it so much? Because it makes me feel pretty. 

Is that as hard for you to say about yourself as it is for me?

Whyyyyyyyy?! Shouldn't it just be something we know about ourselves, and feel comfortable and confident saying? Let's shout it together...I'M PRETTY! Nope. Still felt awkward.

My little sisters (6 and 7 years old) have no problem saying nice things about themselves. "Kaycee, want to hear me sing this song? I sing it really good!"..."Want to see my drawing? I'm a really good artist!"..."Don't I look pretty in this dress?" While they will eventually learn the redeeming quality of being humble, I pray they hold strongly onto the self-confidence that the world will slowly try and steal from them.

I'm a strong believer in "fake it 'til you make it". The more you tell yourself something, the sooner it will become something that you actually believe to be true. Self-confidence is something that I (and I think a lot of women) struggle with everyday. So hold onto those things that make you feel pretty, and love the crap out of them. Whether it's the red lipstick, that one pair of skinny jeans, or maybe it's your significant other. Wear and love them so you can love yourself!

As I sit here waist-deep in the "fake-it", I truly believe that I am slowly (some times slower than others) transitioning to the "make-it". How long will it take? Who knows! And who cares? As long as we can get there eventually!

What is it that makes you feel pretty?

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  1. I wore red lipstick to church a few weeks ago, and while I did feel pretty (outfit included), I had the hardest time accepting the compliments from not only friends but my husband, too. I REALLY wish I could think "yeah, I do!" when someone tells me I'm pretty, rather than "they're just saying it to be nice". One day...I hope!

    1. Kimberly I'm in the middle of writing about this exact thing! You must have read my mind. More to come, I can 100% relate.