nana and joan

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Nearly two months ago my grandma passed away. My heart still hurts everyday, but I have so much peace when I think back to the amazing life she lived and the great example she was to me.

The past few days, as the world has been reminiscing about the life of Joan Rivers, I couldn't help but compare the two VERY different ways that each was remembered.

As we celebrated my grandmother's life, the "theme" that immediately came about was 'service'. Every single person that attended her funeral had been touched by my nana's service towards them in one way or another. Whether it was bringing them a meal, offering up a room in her home, or helping financially, my grandmother will forever be remembered as someone who was invariably thinking of others before herself. 

A few days ago as I was perusing Facebook, I saw a post that someone had shared titled Joan Rivers' Top 10 Musician Insults. Typically I would read the article and chuckle at the crude-humored insults she dished out so freely, but this time was different. My heart actually kind of hurt for her. I understand fully, and can't disagree that she brought humor to people's lives. I get that. But this was an eye-opener for me.

This epiphany wasn't so much about my grandma or Joan, as it was about me. It was about how I want to be remembered when I'm gone, and what I'm doing about that now. It was about what people would be saying about me on Facebook in a few days, if I were gone today, and it was about what the "theme" of my funeral services would be.

So, thank you Nana, and thank you Joan for reminding me of the wife, mother, friend, and even the stranger that I'm striving to be.

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  1. I lost my Nana in January, and it's amazing how shocked I was by her loss. But it was the same sort of realization: she had always been there for everyone, and there wasn't a single person at her funeral who didn't have a kind word for the person she was and the kindness that she shared. I agree that it makes you think and reevaluate how you want to be perceived.

    1. So sorry to hear Alisa :( It's so, so hard isn't it? But what a blessing that we had such great women to lead by example!