knix turns one

Monday, October 17, 2016

KO is one! I can't even begin to express how much joy he has brought into our family. No words. Before he arrived, I was so scared about whether or not I would be able to love him as much as I loved Saydee. You can read all about my worries HERE. I look back at those times and laugh, because I can't possibly imagine our lives without him. He is such a sweet soul, and makes me want to be a better mom every single day. He loves out loud, and is so funny, too. I LOVE THIS BOY!!!!

Here are a few fun facts about Knix:

- He LOVES food. Like, a lot. Blueberries in particular.
- He has 11 teeth.
- His favorite toys are balls and bats. Shocking, right?
- His favorite thing besides balls, is his green dinosaur Pickle.
- Saydee calls him Knixy Boy and it's precious.
-  He says "Dada" and "Baba". That's pretty much it. We're working hard on Mama, though.
- He's super cautious when it comes to new people and places. He loves to observe and take everything in.
- The toilet paper roll is his guilty pleasure. We can't keep him away.
- He's potty trained.
- Haha just kidding.
- He LOVES his sleep. He takes great naps and sleeps forever at night. Hallelujah.
- He sucks his thumb like it's his job. He literally has a blister on the inside of his thumb, but it doesn't stop him.
- He's a mama's boy.

We are so grateful for this sweet guy, and are so blessed to be his parents. He lights up our worlds, and we love watching him grow and learn. I can't believe how fast this past year went, but I have loved every minute with him. Happy birthday little bud, you are my sunshine.

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  1. Happy belated birthday to your sweet boy