when your cup runneth over

Monday, June 27, 2016

As my grandma aged, she used to tell the same stories over and over. There's one story that she would tell that always stuck out to me. The other day, as I was reflecting on the popular scripture Psalm 25:5 that states, "...my cup runneth over", my grandma's story came to mind, and I began to view it in a whole new light.

My grandma would tell me a story; a memory she had about some of our family friends. Anytime these friends in particular were brought up in conversation, she would repeat this story and tell us how it is the one thing she would always remember about this family, and the mom in particular.

She recalled a time that they were all sitting down for dinner, and the mother was letting her young daughter pour her own milk. The cup was completely full, and with milk spilling out of the cup and all over the table, the mom kept repeating in the calmest, softest voice, "I think that's enough, dear. I think you've got enough." The daughter finally stopped pouring, and the mother simply grabbed some napkins to help her clean up.

So my question to you is...
who are you when your cup runneth over?

Are you this mom? Do you speak kindly, and calmly when your kids are being kids? When you're running 10 minutes late and your daughter wants to put her shoes on by herself (because she wants to be like you), are you frustrated and yelling at her to hurry? Or are you watching her grow and learn, and congratulating her when she finally gets them on, even though they're on the wrong feet?

Am I this mom? Not nearly as often as I'd like to be, and I will continue to work on it every. single. day. 

But you guys, my cup runneth over. Seriously. Like, it's flowing all over the freaking place. 

Did you open your refrigerator trying to decide what to eat today? Are you reading this post on your cell phone? Do you have shoes on your feet, and a few more pairs in your closet? If so, it sounds like your cup is pretty full, too.

I am blessed beyond measure with a wonderful husband, amazing friends, and two beautiful kids who I have no doubt were chosen just for me.

Being a mother (or father) is a pretty important role. I challenge you, as I'm challenging myself, to have a little extra patience this week. In those tough, trying moments, show your kids a little extra love, and a little less frustration. Instead of hurrying them, help them. Instead of telling them, teach them. Let's try and remember that our cups runneth over, and remember who we want to be when they do.

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  1. Yep, this is the exact thing I needed to hear today. Thanks, friend!

  2. This was wonderful. Wise words my friend. I feel like my mom was that calm sweet voice when her cup runneth "all over the freaking place" (that literally made me lol). So I hope to be that too. Thanks dear ❤️
    Ps when my cup runneth over when I have twins, I'm going to switch to a full on pitcher & ditch the cup.

    1. I have no doubt she was, that's why you're the same way. Love you and grateful for your sweet example to me! You're going to need a few pitchers once those babies come ;)

  3. This is something that I have been working on the last few months. Dear, dear friends of mine and my husband (and A's fans!) gave birth to the most perfect little boy, but he had big problems. Watching what they have walked through has changed the way I speak to and parent my own little boy (almost 2). I know they would give anything to get to live even my worst parenting moments.
    They just had to let their sweet boy go be the Lord last week at just 4 months old and I squeeze my little Milo tighter every single day.

    1. Nicole that made me tear up just hearing the heartache your friends are going through. I simply can't imagine. It is so hard, and we absolutely need to be grateful for each and every day we have with our loved ones. Praying for that sweet family <3