lets eat

Friday, July 17, 2015

Today marked the end of our 2015 All-Star Break. For you non-baseball people reading, the ASB is a four day break during the middle-ish of baseball season. Unless you are selected as an all-star, you get 4 days to rest and do whatever your little heart desires! Basically, it's my favorite part of baseball season.

This year we were able to head home to Phoenix and just enjoy four whole days together as a family. With Eric usually getting 2-3 days off a MONTH during the season, having four uninterrupted, consecutive days together is always so special to us.


Before the break, I text my friend Kim who runs an amazingly delicious blog called I'm Bored Let's Eat. She's always posting awesome, mouth-watering recipes, so I was hoping she could throw something together for me that would work for both a picky toddler, and a hungry husband. Oh yeah, and a constantly-hungry preggo. Spoiler alert: she killed it.

Finding a meal that works for everyone can definitely be a huge challenge, so major props to Kim for putting together the perfect meal for the Sogards (and I guess we'll share it with you, too)!

Chicken nuggets and watermelon salad for the little monsters...

and delicious chicken tacos with a refreshing cucumber pico de gallo for the adults.

Wipe up your drool and head over {here} for the recipe! Be sure to follow @imboredletseatblog on Instagram, and tag us both to share your final culinary masterpieces. Happy eating!

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