Saturday, December 13, 2014

Eric and I spent the last two days in Chicago...alone! Of course we missed the baby every second {every single conversation came back to her in one way or another}, but we had the greatest time just focusing on each other and spending some much needed alone time together. It had been one year exactly since we had spent an entire day/night alone together, so it was long overdue.

Of course we do date nights, but getting to spend that 100% uninterrupted time together was an amazing recharge that I think everyone that has kids absolutely needs. 

Kids are a whole lot of work. Even just one keeps us constantly on our toes, and I know it will only get busier from here on out. *Major props to all of you multi-kid mamas!* Eric and I have found, in our short one-year of parenting experience, that finding time for ourselves and especially each other is so, so important. The better I feel about myself, and the better Eric and I's relationship is, the better parents we are to Saydee. Simple as that.

Whether you can get away for a few days, or a few hours, go spend that quality time with your spouse! You both need it!

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