Tuesday, October 07, 2014

This isn't typically a subject that I would write about, but I have some really strong feelings that I felt like I needed to share somewhere. So, here they are. 

I'm sure you've all heard about the celebrity nude photo leak involving Jennifer Lawrence. If not, here's the gist of it: someone hacked into some celebrities phones, found their nude photos, and leaked them out on the internet.

Let me start off by saying that I think it's a disgusting and terrible thing that this person(s) did. There is nothing worse than the feeling of having your privacy violated, and it is just so sickening and wrong. Being in the public eye (mostly my husband, and we are nowhere near Jennifer Lawrence's public status) can be a really tough thing and everybody deserves to have that feeling of personal safety and privacy, including their phone and personal photos.

Vanity Fair just came out with an article about an interview they did with Jennifer Lawrence post photo-leak. I agreed with the majority of the points she made about the situation, but there was one part that really got me. She talks about how she was in a four year, long-distance relationship and tells readers the following:

 "...either your boyfriend is going to look at porn, or he's going to look at you."


It makes me sad, a little sick, and so angry that there are women out there who have been led to believe this shameless proclamation. Where in that statement is the mutual respect and love that a real relationship is supposed to hold? What, as women, makes us believe that these are the only two options for the man who has supposedly agreed to be a loving and faithful partner?

REFUSE to let my daughter grow up thinking that she needs to show her boyfriend her naked body, or he will go look at someone else's.

My daughter will be taught to love and appreciate herself and her body. We will teach her that she is of great worth, and is more special and important than she could ever know. She will be taught to love the body she has, and will learn to respect herself and others. I will remind her everyday that when looking for a partner in life, she should look for someone like her dad. Someone who loves her unconditionally, respects her, her body and her choices, and is both loving and faithful to her, physically and mentally.

No, Jennifer, you were not asking for that to happen, nor did you deserve it simply because you are in the public eye. Yes, it is your body and should be your choice where and who you share it with. But NO, you do not have to be with someone who chooses to turn to other women's bodies when you choose not to share yours.

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  1. Tell me about it! It really is disgusting. People need to be respectful of their own bodies and especially others.

    Hope the three of you are having a great off-season so far. :)
    Oh yea i wanted to ask what was Eric's favorite baseball team growing up? and yours?


  2. Hmmm.... while I appreciate the fact that the statement in the article is shown in quotation marks, indicating that it's ACTUALLY what she said.... I think we know MANY TIMES people are taken out of context and also incorrect attributions are given to statements made. And she likely didn't get any opportunity to proofread what was published beforehand... because from much of what I've heard from her in spoken interviews before, I don't think she's the kind of person who believes it's an "either/or" situation... of " If I don't provide him nude pics of me then he'll seek out porn to see nude pics of other women".

    I completely agree with your comments about the lessons you should be teaching your daughter (and future daughters and sons =) ) about valuing themselves and their worth being much more than that of their physical being, and how a person should expect others and themselves to act when in a "relationship".

    But I don't think she necessarily elected to be in a relationship where someone chose to turn to another because she wasn't 'sharing herself'... and honestly, is it really uncommon for someone in a long-distance relationship over a period of time to potentially be seeing others? I mean, she didn't describe it as a "committed relationship" and it CERTAINLY wasn't like a marriage, so... was it mutually agreed there would be others? Some people take the word relationship to mean one thing, but to others, it can be something completely different (?)

  3. SO good. Thank you for wiring such an eloquent response to a sad situation. So many women believe the lie that they are not enough, and it is heartbreaking to see.