moving sucks

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Moving sucks.

I could probably end this post at that, and it would convey exactly how I'm feeling about this last move. It has been SO nice to finally be back home, but moving seriously sucks. We bought a new house right before we left for baseball season back in April and are so excited to finally be getting settled in and slowly make it our new home.

I love organizing things and finding that perfect place for each and every item I unpack, but the unpacking part is getting old quick [insert smug, side-glancing emoji here]. If anyone wants to come unpack my boxes while I boss them around telling them where I want things to go, please, head on over.

We are barely surviving on cereal and fast food, and are looking forward to our first Costco trip. *crosses fingers and hopes they have good samples*

I'm hoping to share a few before/after pics of some rooms in our home, especially my craft room! EEEEEEK. I'm a nerd.

Hope your week is more fun than mine!

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  1. Tell me about it! We're on our 3rd move in three years. The worst is figuring out how two people can generate 47 boxes. Hoarders should come to my house. Best of luck with the new house and that Costco trip!