Saturday, September 20, 2014

The wonderful world of Instagram. 

For me, Instagram is kind of like Target. It's full of all of those things that I didn't know I needed, but I absolutely need them. Today I'm sharing a few of my favorite, must-follow Instagram accounts. 


I am obsessed with dressing Say. When I'm out in public looking like a hot mess, you can guarantee that Saydee looks good enough for the both of us. I have a few favorite places that I shop for her, but one of my favorites that I found on Instagram is Sugarlime Lane. The leggings. I can't get enough.
**some other favorites @freshlypicked @littleharpbowtique**


I get SO much joy out of this account. Not only do they post alllll the time, which makes my refresh-every-five-minutes (at least during nap time) fingers happy, but the stories are always so neat and inspiring. I love seeing how everyone has such a unique story. Go follow if you don't already!


Home interior central. This account is from a furniture and design store in Utah, and I just love it! The styling is beautiful, and it has given me tons of inspiration for how I'm putting together our new home. The rustic yet sophisticated style is perfect.
**also check out @leeindustries @theblackgoosedesign**


Last, but certainly not least. Meet Toast. Toast is a puppy mill rescue with the most amazing tongue you've ever seen. Please. Do yourself a favor and go follow Toast. You can thank me later.

**Gotta go charge my phone**

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