kid friendly interior design: lorena canals

Sunday, May 07, 2017

You know I love me some good interior design. A beautifully designed room gives me all the feels, but it's also a task that can seem daunting when you have kids. Would I love a beautiful white couch in my living room? Um yes. Would it be covered in Nutella within a matter of minutes? Also, yes (and not just from my kids fingers).

Try to ignore this ugly carpet (this will not be a piece of design we're carrying over into our new home) but THIS RUG *insert heart eyes*. I saw Lorena Canals rugs all over my IG feed, and was so excited to finally get my hands on one. Let me just say that this thing is even more beautiful and luxurious in person.

If you haven't heard of Lorene Canals, let me introduce you with one word.


Yes, you read that right. You can throw this baby straight into the washer. Does having a super light, plain (gasp) colored rug scare me to death? Yes, but not when I know I can spray some Shout on it and throw it right into the washer!

This design was obviously my favorite (hence why I have it), but there are so many adorable designs for any theme you're going for. They're so soft and comfy, and the kids love playing on it.

Can't wait to see this in Saydee's new room! What are some of your other kid-friendly brands?


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