Thursday, April 06, 2017

One of the biggest (and coolest) new baby products to take the baby market by storm is the DockATot! If you're pregnant, or have small-ish kids, I'm sure you've heard of it, but if not, please let me introduce you.

This thing is one of those baby products (like the Mamaroo) that you wish they made in adult size. So here are the details...

This is the absolute perfect, portable, lightweight sleeper/lounger! It is so soft, and is all air-permeable so you can know it's 100% safe for your babe. It's comfy, sleek and modern, and great for so many things!

The DockATot comes in two sizes: deluxe, which is great for babies 0-8 months, give or take...and the grand, for bigger babies and toddlers.

While I haven't used this with a baby yet, I am already the biggest fan! Saydee and Knix LOVE this thing, and I always find them sitting in it playing, reading, or watching movies. It's so lightweight and easy to move around, and the outside has a cover that you can unzip and throw right in the wash, which is obviously a huge necessity with kids.

I can't wait to get the deluxe version if/when Baby Sogard #3 comes along. I've heard so many amazing things about babies sleeping great in the DockATot, and I already know how useful this would be for a mama with a newborn. LOVE. IT.

{The DockATot was totally on my list of Best Gifts for New and Expecting Mamas because I had heard amazing things, and I'm so glad I put it on there. Totally exceeded my expectations!}

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