knix is getting old

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Alright, so now that Knix is almost 18 months, I thought this would be an appropriate time to share the pictures from his first birthday...what? Mostly I just suck and never got around to it, but these are photos that MUST be shared, even if it is 6 months late.

Everyone always says Knix is an old soul, and he's just like a sweet little old man. So, for his first birthday, I decided to run with it. Enter:


Is there anything cuter than a baby dressed like an old person? Let me answer that for you. NO.

I went full-on old person for this party and it turned out hilarious, and so much fun!

Obviously we had Cracker Barrel. Obviously.

Please check out the beautiful artwork. Goodwill was where it was at for this party!

I made Knix a bundt cake for his smash cake, and it turned out so cute! Also, if you didn't know me, you would have legitimately thought I was an old woman. A little makeup goes a long way! So funny! I seriously die every time I see this picture lol

What old person party would be complete without ugly brown/plaid tablecloths, prunes, mixed nuts, and Werthers?

Photos: Lauren J Photography

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