pink & blue co

Friday, August 26, 2016

Calling all of you moms/dads/grandmas/friends/donut lovers (had to throw that in there because, donuts)... 

I came across the most beautiful bracelets ever and wanted to share with you guys!

Pink and Blue Co. designs gorgeous gold, rose gold, or silver bracelets that are personalized with your baby's birth date, time, height, and weight. You also have the option of customizing these bracelets with your child's name on the inside as well. These bracelets are seriously beautiful, and the pictures do not do them justice! I love that it is such a sweet and sentimental piece, but is also subtle and not flashy in the least.

I had to share because I knew these would make the perfect gift for either yourself, or someone you know! I know a few grandmas who would love this piece. One of these would also be perfect for the second (or third, or fourth) time mom, who already has all of the baby essentials she needs. Love these!

I chose to go with Saydee's birth date, time height and weight on my first bracelet, but I'm definitely going to add one for Knix in the future! These would be perfect layered together, and make some gorgeous arm candy!

Pink and Blue Co. has definitely been added to my go-to baby shower gift list. All the heart eyes.

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