nursing top perfection

Saturday, July 09, 2016


When you're nursing, it can be really hard to find tops that are "compatible". The worst is having to wear button-down after button-down just for convenience sake. I'm still nursing Knix at 8 months, so I have done my best to find things that fit my style, yet are still comfortable and convenient for nursing on the go. 

Loyal Hana has come up with a genius solution to this problem, and you would NEVER know it just by looking at their tops and dresses. All of their tops and dresses are equipped with two tiny hidden zippers down the front of each piece. {You can see it in the very top picture on this page!} Genius! The zippers are seriously pretty much invisible, and give super easy access to nurse your little one whenever and wherever you need to! I love that I'll be able to wear this top even when I'm done nursing. So cute and SO smart. Loyal Hana, you da real mvp.

OH! Use the code KAYCEE30 for 30% off your order!! That's seriously a steal. Go, now!

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  1. I definitely am going to get some! I am due with number two in October and have been searching everywhere for nursing top solutions, this top is adorable... So glad I came across this post.