super saydee

Wednesday, June 01, 2016


Who says girls can't be superheroes, too?!

Seriously how cute is this cape? Saydee is obsessed, and so am I. Fly Tots killed it with this one! This girl runs around saying she's "Super Saydee" and I LOVE it so much. Her imagination is amazing, and I have so much fun sitting and watching her play and learn. She loves wearing dresses and bows, but is such a wild-child! So basically, she's 100% my daughter haha!

I love that something so simple totally transforms her and her attitude. She runs around fearless, jumping off tables and couches (supervised, of course) and has so much fun pushing her own limits. She is a feisty little one, but I love the determination I see in her already. I can already tell that this girl will do whatever she sets out to do in this life. I love her so much!


Because I'm all about a good deal, I got Fly Tots to offer you all a discount! Not only do they have the most adorable superhero capes (for boys and girls) but awesome "mompreneur" Dominique also makes the cutest floor cushions ever!

Enter code KAYCEE at checkout!

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