distressed denim style tip

Saturday, May 21, 2016

I own a ridiculous amount of black, distressed jeans. I'm really not mad about it, because I have a deep, deep love for the color black, and anything ripped or torn. I thought I'd share one of my distressed denim tips with you today!

These jeans are the stretchiest, most comfortable jeans ever. I loved them from the second I saw them, but they were uber distressed. Even a little too distressed for me. I like to be able to wear my torn jeans out on a nice date and not look like I just left a head-banging rock concert. These jeans had lots of rip mid-thigh on both legs, as well as the knees. 

So here's my simple trick: patches!

I took these babies to the sweet little old ladies in the Nordstrom alterations department (which is where I bought them), and asked for some simple black patches under the distressed part on the thighs. Simple as that! I still get the "worn" look that I love, but I can totally dress them up, too!

On another note, I should probably buy some real (non-black) jeans. The struggle is real.

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