freshly picked

Friday, February 19, 2016


One of my absolute (okay, pretty much my one and only) favorite brands that I put on Saydee when she was little was Freshly Picked! I'm obsessed with their adorable little moccasins on tiny little feet! Yes, Knix has multiple pairs already. It's an addiction, really. They're not only super easy to get on and off, but they're comfortable and soft. I never wanted to put Say in hard-sole tennis shoes when she was little, since they seemed so heavy and uncomfortable. As sad as it was, there came a time where we had to transition out of the soft-soles. 

Enter the hard-sole Freshly Picked moccasin. 

It's like the shoe gods were on my side or something. Not only are these shoes ADORABLE, but they're comfy, give her the support she needs, and she loves them! No laces for the win.

Terrible two year olds are even slightly easier to deal with when they're looking so cute ;)

What are some of your favorite shoes for your little ones?

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