thank you's

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

When I had Saydee, Eric and I were so thankful for (aside from the whole contractions/labor/birthing our child thing) all of the amazing nurses we had. They truly made a long, tough day so amazing, and we are so grateful for the amazing care we received. This time around was no different!

Saydee was a December baby, so we had a good amount of time once we got back from baseball season to get ourselves ready and prepared. One of the things I was able to do was put together small "thank-you" bags for our sweet nurses. I was so glad I had something to show them how much we truly appreciated them and all they did for us, even though it wasn't anything big.

We didn't have much time after this season and before baby, but I managed to throw together some cute, cheap, and SO simple thank you bags for our nurses. Thank you Target! I'm especially glad I got these together early since our little one came sooner than expected. 

Although we weren't able to give these to all of our nurses [so sorry if you're reading and didn't get one! we loved you all so much], due to our unexpected NICU stay, I'm so glad I could share my appreciation to some of the people that loved us and our little guy so selflessly during our stay. They were nothing big or over-the-top, just a small way to show that we were especially grateful for all that these sweet ladies did for us.

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  1. Why couldn't I be your nurse!?!? That's the sweetest, I am sure they thought the same. How nice of you! Simple but very thoughtful :) 😘

    1. I meant for the kiss face emoji but all I see at the end is some question mark things... Haha whatevs

    2. Oh I love you Lizzie. I would have loved for you to be my nurse. I would have made you sing "Push It" to me, and maybe give me a pedicure when I couldn't feel my legs, too.