girl or boy

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

When Eric and I had our daughter, Saydee, I couldn't wait to find out if she was a girl or boy. I guess I had that "mom instinct", because I knew without a doubt she was a girl the whole time. Or I had a 50/50 chance and just happened to be right...Either way, it was so much fun finding out and getting ourselves prepared to meet our little girl.

This time around we decided to annoy everyone around us and not find out the sex of our baby. 

Yes yes, we know. "We're crazy!"

We know..."you could never wait".

Yep. "You're such a planner" and "you would have to know".

Well, I'm also a planner, and I'm planning on having this baby whether it's a girl or a boy (ha, see what I did there?). We have all of the necessities that our little nugget will need, along with lots of toys, clothes (if it's a girl), and lots of love to give. I will also keep praying that my milk-makers aren't sexist, and will feed this bundle of joy no matter what he/she pops out as.

Just like with Saydee, I can't wait to know what this baby is! I'm so excited, and I don't know if I have ever anticipated anything as much as I am the moment in the delivery room when the doctor says, "It's a _____!". I'm having so much fun getting the nursery ready, and since I'm obsessed with neutral colors anyways, I'm having no problems decorating and finding things that will be perfect no matter what gender this baby is.

Eric and I have had so much trouble fun narrowing down our endless list of names, and guess what? Once we finally decide, we're keeping those a surprise, too! :)

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  1. Whatever it is, I know he or she will be beautiful as their sister and parents

    This and That from a Southern Belle

  2. That little nugget sits differently in every photo. I can.not.wait. to find out. Are there Vegas odds out? I'd put money on my guess ;)

  3. I love the surprise of finding out at the birth. That makes it such a special moment.