baby shower gift ideas

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

I know a million pregnant girls right now. Okay only 9, but it seems like a million. I love putting some of our favorite things in my gift baskets in addition to a few pieces from their baby registry as well. Here are a few of my gift basket "fillers" that I throw in there fill up the basket, and aren't often gifted!

1. Anything and everything Kickee Pants! The most comfortable clothes on the planet.

2. The Baby Briefcase. For those ocd mamas like me who need to have everything organized! This is perfect for all of the paperwork you get at the hospital, too.

3. Nipple cream. Kind of awkward, but it's a lifesaver for those early (or longer) days of nursing.

4. We use tons of Honest Co. products in our house, but for some reason we didn't have this one. My rockstar sis and bro in law introduced us to their Soothing Bottom Wash and it's now one of our favorites ever. Great for those early days of nasty, tar-like poops, and we still use it on our 20mo old.

5. Little Remedies anything is great, but we have used their fever/pain reducer the most. When their baby starts teething, your friends will thank you for this, trust me!

6. Swaddles, swaddles, swaddles! They are great for so many things, I love them. Aden and Anais are some of our favorites, especially the bamboo. So. Soft.

7. The Mommy Hook. Basically this is a giant carabiner that hooks onto your stroller and holds your purse, diaper bag, shopping bags etc. It's awesome and so handy!

What are some of your favorite baby items to gift?

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