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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Did you all watch the Oscars? I won't lie, I only watched the red carpet, and maybe 15 minutes of the actual awards. Believe it or not, my 15 month old wasn't too entertained. Can you believe that? So, we ended up watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (which is as entertaining to me as the Oscars are to her).

I realllllly love the red carpet and seeing all of the amazing gowns! I love seeing each individual's style, and I always sit there wishing I had an excuse to wear such beautiful, fun dresses.

I decided to take a few dresses from the night and share how they inspired me!




Last but not least, my favorite of the night! I think there were mixed emotions about this dress, but I thought it was 100% amazing and I LOVED how rocker chic it was! Edgy, yet so classy. I think she looked fabulous.


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  1. I also I really love the red carpet and seeing all of the amazing gowns!
    When wearing this type red gowns every looking a different.
    Thanks for this oscars inspiration!

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