everlasting love

Sunday, January 18, 2015

So, I must be doing something right. Really, really right.

The other day Eric and I went to a nearby park so I could hit him ground balls. Pause. Yes you read that right. Yes, I hit my husband ground balls. We put Saydee in her stroller and park her by me and out of the danger zone, while I execute perfect grounder after perfect grounder (that's a lie). The last time we went my wedding rings were kind of bothering me so this time I decided to take them off and put them in the little caddy I have attached to the stroller.

We left the park and headed home (around 4pm). My family came over for dinner, we hung out, ate and were about to wind down for the night when I realized I had forgotten to put my rings back on (around 9pm). I went out to the car, took the stroller out of the back, and stuck my hand in the caddy.


I knew immediately they were gone, and naturally, started to freak out. With tears in my eyes I yelled at Eric inside to tell him they were missing. We searched the back of the car and found nothing, so we jumped in the car and headed to the park to search.

I remembered exactly where we had parked earlier that day, and exactly where Eric had folded the stroller up to put it into the back of the car. We pulled in and I stopped the car to shine the headlights on our parking spot. There, staring back at us, reflecting perfectly off the headlights, were three shiny rings. I got out of the car in the dark and went to pick them up; one, two, three.

I may have cried more tears on the way home than I had on the way over.

I don't think I have ever been so grateful for those gleaming bands on my left hand. Of course I love my wedding bands, but I guess I didn't truly realize how much they meant to me until the moment they were gone. When Eric and I placed our rings on each other's fingers we asked each other to "wear this ring as a pledge of my fidelity and everlasting love". I do.

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  1. I totally know that feeling! I was visiting my mom, and before bed I always take off my wedding rings. So as usual I did that and put then in my overnight bag and went to sleep. The next morning I got dressed and went to put on my rings, and my engagement ring was GONE!!! I stared to FREAK out!!!! I literally turned the gust room upside down and NOTHING. I thought maybe my nephew got a hold of it did something with it. I was balling my eyes out and didn't know what I was going to do or even how I was going to tell my husband that I lost my engagement ring. Thank goodness he didn't get mad at me and he was so comforting about the whole situation. So that night when I got to my own house I was getting ready for bed and putting my jammies, as I took off my jeans I heard something hit the carpet...THERE IT WAS... MY RING!!!! This whole time it was in the cuff of my jeans THE WHOLE DAY!!! Thank goodness!! I've never cried so much when I found it!!!! What a blessing. I seriously thought I would never see it again.

    1. Anita, isn't it the scariest feeling ever?! I'm so glad you found yours, too. I have never been more scared (and sad!).

  2. oh my gosh how scary!! :O So glad you found the rings. whew!

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