why i'm planning a party for myself

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The other day a friend posted an article on Facebook about how "domestic perfection is in".  (You can read the article here) Said friend then proceeded to comment and defend the parents who like herself and myself, enjoy the little details of things. One example being themed parties.

I had previously read this article and felt the EXACT same way. I'm going to focus on the party part, since that is currently on my plate and the reason I have been MIA the last week or so. (Oh, also because we're hosting 20+ people for Thanksgiving.)

My daughter is turning one, and I'm throwing a big party for her. Yep, there will be all kinds of cute (or at least I think so) decorations, cupcakes, tables with centerpieces...the works. 


"It's not like she understands what's going on."

"You realize she's not going to remember this birthday, right?"

I get it. 

I'm not an idiot. No, I don't think she's actually going to understand what's going on and no, I don't think she's going to remember her first birthday party.

Here's why I'm planning a "Pinterest party" for myself:

1. I do what I want

2. Creativity

I love to plan parties. Not just kids birthday parties, but any kind of party. When I start planning a party, my brain starts working and I get to be my creative self. The self that as mom, I rarely get to be anymore. It's a creative outlet for me and I simply love to do it. Will my daughter remember the cute little paper airplane banner that hung in the trees? Nope. Did her mom have fun coming up with the idea and turning it into real life? Yes.
 *This should be a good enough reason in itself, but I'll keep going just for fun*

2. I'm a mom

When you're a mom, you hardly ever get to do things for yourself. Your focus, 99% of the time, is on your family. My days consist of changing diapers, feeding people, playing, teaching, and a million other things. When I have something to spend my "spare time" on (this is during nap time, or late at night after the baby is in bed), I get the chance to focus on myself and do something that I really enjoy doing. I get to be selfish, for once.

3. I'm a mom

I want my baby girl to feel special, and even though she is only turning one, I can promise you that
she knows what it means to be loved and feel special. 

4. Because...

At her party she will point at the color-coordinated balloons and her face will light up when I lift her up to touch them. She will see all of her little baby friends, whose moms rsvp'd to the cute invitations sent weeks before, and run around the yard with them chasing the dog and laughing. She will stare back at everyone with wide eyes while we sing Happy Birthday. Then she will be the happiest, most satisfied little one-year-old ever as I pull her out of her high chair with pieces of her adorably decorated "smash cake" all over her face, hands, and hair.

Call me over-the-top, Pinterest-Polly, or whatever your heart desires. But since I'm not judging the mom who hates crafting and throwing parties (why do something you hate?), so she throws a couple of pizza boxes on a table at her daughter's birthday (at which the kids will 100% have equally as fun of a time at, as they will my daughters) then please, don't judge me.

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  1. I agree with you. Some people like having big parties for their child's first birthday & others don't but people have no right to judge the parents. For me I know the child probably won't remember but they love the food, attention and of course cake! :D What kind of theme are you doing? An old neighbor of mine used to do Disney princess themes.