playroom fun

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Our house has been one big project since we moved in. We've been working room by room and slowly getting everything put together. We focused first on the downstairs, since those rooms are the most used, and now we're working our way to the upstairs.

We are having a TON of family over for Thanksgiving, and are so excited to finally have some get togethers in our new place. Before we have everyone over, I really wanted to get our "playroom" done so that the kids can have their own space when they come play.

Pinterest is the mecca for anything and everything design, so I've spent countless "while the baby naps" hours browsing around. Of course I have some of my own ideas that I want to incorporate, but I found a few adorable playrooms that have helped inspire me!

Any of you moms or dads out there have any must-have playroom suggestions?

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