mermaid tails

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I'm sharing with you the most amazing little video I found last night. Check it out...

Our society wants us to hate ourselves. In the check-out line, I see a million magazines flashing, "how to fix ____" and "how to get better ____", but I never see any telling me, "your ____ is perfect just the way it is" or "who needs better ____ when yours are great they way they are".

These sweet kids are the perfect reminder that we need to love and appreciate ourselves. There is so much beauty in the fact that we are all different. Seriously, how amazing is that? Think about it. There is not a single person in the world that is exactly like you. It's amazing! So, why would we want to waste time trying to make ourselves like anyone else? We shouldn't, so let's stop now.

Embrace your body! Love yourself! Appreciate your curves, or lack thereof! Whatever it is you have been blessed with, love it! 

Instead of wishing your love handles would go away, wish you had a mermaid tail. 

If you're reading this, comment below with your favorite thing about your body. It will be empowering to the both of us.

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