hot hot hot

Saturday, October 25, 2014

I sure hope that the fashion world is basking in the fact that their Hunter boot and sweater-wearing Instagram selfies are making all of us (or maybe just me) over here in 95 degree Arizona pretty !$*@($)^)@$ jealous. My boots are collecting dust, and I've worn the same flip-flops about 10 times in the last...10 days. I think I've forgotten what it's like to feel cold.

I love sweaters so much and can't wait for it to finally cool off enough to actually get to wear something other than a t-shirt. My online shopping carts are always FULL of tons of goodies, most of which sit in my cart for days upon days upon days. Sometimes some of them pop up on my Facebook news feed, which totally creeps me out. Here are a few sweaters I've been eyeing, and maybe, just maybe I'll feel justified to purchase when my car reads lower than 78 degrees.

I hope that you're reading this while curled up in your comfiest sweater, sipping a cup of hot cocoa, fresh off a trip to the pumpkin patch! Better one of us than none of us!

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  1. Ha! I freak out about the ads on Facebook, too! Happened to me with Christmas cards this week. Darn Facebook snooping around my Google searches!

    P.S. - It was 80 near Sacramento on Friday. I feel ya on the want for Fall.