Monday, September 29, 2014

We're in Kansas City! What a crazy, whirlwind of a few days it has been for us. I have booked/cancelled/changed about 14 flights, and we have now ended up in KC. Saydee has been such a trooper during this long road trip, and I just love how flexible she has become. She's 100% a baseball baby!

Yesterday, the A's (my husband's team, if you're new here) clinched a wildcard playoff spot! *holler atcha girl* After the game, we celebrated for about an hour, took some pictures, and then headed to the airport.

Saydee's first "champagne shower" courtesy of her smelly dad.

She couldn't get enough of our golf cart rides around the stadium! I have a feeling this little girl's going to be an adventurer!

Tomorrow we'll be exploring the city, and most likely shopping for some new clothes because our 4 day trip has turned into a 7 day trip, and could possibly be a 10 day trip.

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